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Family Portraiture

Anna loves the fact that all families are unique. This allows her to create a personal family portrait each and every time. Averaging over 500 family shoots per year, Anna has captured couples, throuples, multi-generational mobs, families with dogs, families where only the dogs mattered, families with cats, even families with goats. As long as there is love, the images will be as perfect as the people you are with.


From the first trimester through to the actual birthing process, Anna has a wealth of knowledge and experience and will guide you through the rights and the wrongs. In all likelihood, you will probably like these images more than the actual child when they go through their late teens.


Couples love stories, lingerie – Whether you are doing boudoir for yourself, or for your partner, we guarantee that you will walk out of the shoot feeling positive, uplifted and most importantly, really happy in your own skin. We also guarantee these pieces become absolutely priceless to you as the years go by.


These are Annas personal favourites. Best done in the first 12 – 16 days, but if you really want these to pop, speak with Anna well before the stork delivers!

At Anya Woolgrove studios, we create next level artwork that turns houses into homes.

Anna is a proud Ukrainian-Australian based in Buddina on the Sunshine Coast who lives behind the camera. Her signature style, combined with her mastery of the camera has a unique ability to tell your story through a lens. In recent years Anya has helped to set the standard in studio photography and her fresh and beautiful portraiture is proudly displayed in well over 1000 homes right across Australia, Hong Kong, and the USA.


There is no other studio on the coast that comes close to the quality we provide. As such, we have a structured three step process that covers everything, from how your family coordinates dress, right through to matching your collections and where to hang them for the best effect.

Step 1

Initially, Anna will consult each client to get to know what makes the family click. She will give advice on how to complement each others outfit, and will also nail down the colour & style of house where the photos will be displayed, ensuring that the family match each other, the framework matches the family and the product looks at home in your home.

Step 2

This is where the magic happens! Upon arrival, each client will get to have a bit of face time over a wine or beer, and just take a minute to connect, to make sure that the session truly reflects your family. Once relaxed, Anna will put you out of your comfort zone. You will laugh, you will get emotional, you may even cry, but you will leave the studio with a smile on your face.

Step 3

This is a second appointment, usually within the following few days, where you can see the best of the session, fully edited – “the finale”. This is where we guide you through what worked and what’s perfect. Most importantly, this is where you decide what you would like to take home with you and we show you how best to present it.

Anya will help you to disconnect from the world and reconnect with your tribe