Preparing Your Family for a Professional Photoshoot

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A professional photoshoot is a great way to capture beautiful moments with your family. But let’s face it, getting everyone ready, keeping them entertained, and making sure they cooperate can be a bit of a challenge. Fear not! With a touch of humour and a sprinkle of wit, we’ll guide you through the dos and don’ts of preparing your family for a studio photoshoot that will leave you with stunning, laughter-filled memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Do Coordinate Outfits:

Before the big day, coordinate outfits to create a harmonious visual vibe. But remember matching doesn’t mean everyone should wear the same outfit. Avoid the “uniform” look and opt for complementary colours and styles. Unless your family has a secret passion for Hawaiian shirts, let’s leave those at home, shall we?

Don’t Overthink It:

While coordinating outfits is essential, don’t stress over every detail. Remember, you want your family to look like themselves, not like they just stepped off a fashion runway. So, unless you’re a fashionista family, keep it simple, comfortable, and true to your style.


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Do Prepare Snacks:
Hungry kids (and adults) can quickly turn a joyful photoshoot into a grumpy affair. Pack some light snacks to keep everyone energized and happy. But be warned, avoid messy treats like powdered doughnuts or sticky candies. You don’t want to end up with a family portrait that resembles a food fight aftermath.

Don’t Bribe with Candy:
We’ve all seen those movies where parents bribe their kids with candy to behave. Well, let’s just say it rarely ends well. Sugar-induced hyperactivity is not a great look for a professional photoshoot. Trust me, you’ll end up with forced smiles and wild eyes. Instead, try engaging your family with games, jokes, or funny faces. Laughter is the best accessory!

Do Embrace Imperfections:
Remember, imperfections are what make your family unique and lovable. Embrace them! If your toddler insists on wearing mismatched socks or your teenager refuses to fix their untamed hair, let it go. These little quirks tell your family’s story and add character to the photos. Perfectly imperfect is the new perfect!

Don’t Forget the Props:
Props can add a touch of fun and personality to your photos. Bring along some props that reflect your family’s interests and hobbies. Whether it’s a soccer ball, a book, or even a rubber chicken, let your imagination run wild. Just make sure to check with the studio first; they might not appreciate a live farm animal in the middle of their pristine setting.

Do Prepare for Meltdowns:
Let’s face it, meltdowns happen, especially when kids are involved. Be prepared! Pack some extra tissues, wet wipes, and a sense of humor. If your little one decides to throw a tantrum, take a deep breath, laugh it off, and remember that even the most chaotic moments can turn into beautiful memories.

Preparing your family for a professional photoshoot doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By coordinating outfits, embracing imperfections, and bringing along some props and snacks, you’ll be well on your way to capturing precious moments filled with joy and laughter. So, strike a pose, let your family’s unique spirit shine, and create memories that will be cherished for years to come. And remember, don’t take yourself too seriously – after all, the best photos are the ones that capture genuine happiness and love.


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